Polecenie history

man history

history: history [-c] [-d offset] [n] lub history -anrw [plik] lub history -ps arg [arg ...]
    Display or manipulate the history list.
    Display the history list with line numbers, prefixing each modified
    entry with a `*'.  An argument of N lists only the last N entries.
      -c        clear the history list by deleting all of the entries
      -d offset delete the history entry at position OFFSET.
      -a        append history lines from this session to the history file
      -n        read all history lines not already read from the history file
                and append them to the history list
      -r        read the history file and append the contents to the history
      -w        write the current history to the history file
      -p        perform history expansion on each ARG and display the result
                without storing it in the history list
      -s        append the ARGs to the history list as a single entry
    If FILENAME is given, it is used as the history file.  Otherwise,
    if HISTFILE has a value, that is used, else ~/.bash_history.
    If the HISTTIMEFORMAT variable is set and not null, its value is used
    as a format string for strftime(3) to print the time stamp associated
    with each displayed history entry.  No time stamps are printed otherwise.
    Exit Status:
    Returns success unless an invalid option is given or an error occurs.

Przykłady użycia

Polecenie history pozwala wyświetlić historię komend wpisywanych w Bashu.

johny@ThinkPad:~$ history | head -n 11
1   ls
2   locale
3   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
4   locale
5   cat /etc/default/locale
6   sudo update-locale LANG=pl_PL.UTF-8
7   sudo update-locale LANG=pl_PL.UTF-8 LANGUAGE
8   sudo locale-gen pl_PL.UTF-8
9   update-locale LANG=pl_PL.UTF-8 LANGUAGE
10  locale
11  bash